Hi, I’m Fred

I Design 👨‍🎨

I’m a Software Engineer. I specialize in crafting website interfaces. I also like to toy with projects related to Design, Cloud Architecture, Linux. Welcome to my personal website



I program Web Apps

The guy you see up there ☝️, that's a self-portrait I drew. Everything you see on this website is homemade.

I created this website to share a glimpse of what I do. Click on the Projects link in the top navigation bar to see a selection of projects I enjoyed working on. Click on Articles to see a selection of blog posts.

I have 10 years of professional experience in Software Development. I built products for various usage and sectors like E-Commerce, Business Intelligence, Asset Management, CRM, Insurance, News Content.

I specialize in Frontend Development with NextJS and React. This website is made using the following technologies: NextJS 12 as a server, React 18 and Tailwind 3 as the building blocks, Framer and GSAP for the animations.

I understand development lifecycle and cloud architecture rather well. I've worn several hats in different engineering teams, including Backend Dev, DevOps, Quality Engineer. I prefer working in a small kanban team but most of my career I used scrum or an "Agile" combination of both.

I lead several projects usually focusing on the modernization of the User Interface of Sass or Monolith products. I enjoy working with other passionated people and seeing the product being built as planned, in time and within estimated cost, without neglecting quality.

Outside my daily job, when I'm not socializing at the pub or playing with my Synthesizers, I contribute to open source software I use. I also build IoT projects and got a recent interest in crypto and web3. I also like to draw with vector tools like illustrator and Figma. But you already noticed, right?