Hi, I’m Fred

I Design 👨‍🎨

I’m a Software Engineer. I specialize in crafting website interfaces. I also like to toy with projects related to Design, Cloud Architecture, Linux. Welcome to my personal website



I program Web Apps

Let me give you a glimpse into my world.
The Artist Behind the Pixels: That character you see up there☝️? That's a self-portrait I sketched myself. Yep, everything you see on this website is homemade, crafted with love and passion.

What I Do

Crafting Digital Experiences: With over a decade of professional experience in Software Development, I've had my hands in various projects across different sectors. From E-Commerce to Business Intelligence, I've built products that make an impact.


Mastering Web App Development: My specialty lies in Web App Development, where I wield Remix and React like a pro. This very website you're exploring right now? It's built on Next.js 14, powered by React 18, and styled with Tailwind 3. Oh, and those smooth animations? Courtesy of Framer and GSAP.
I emphasize 'Web App' over 'Frontend' deliberately. A skilled developer comprehends both backend and frontend intricacies, blurring the line between them. It's not about separate fronts and backs, but holistic Product Engineering

Beyond Coding

Understanding Development Lifecycles: Beyond coding, I have a keen understanding of development lifecycles and cloud architectures. Whether it's wearing the hat of a Backend Dev, DevOps engineer, or Quality Engineer, I've done it all.

Personal Side

Exploring Beyond Tech: Outside the tech realm, I'm on a journey exploring functional programming and tinkering with gadgets like BangleJS. You might catch me socializing at the pub or getting lost in the world of synthesizers. And yes, I'm a proud contributor to open-source projects and an avid doodler in my spare time.

Let's Connect!

Reach Out and Let's Chat: Want to discuss JavaScript, development methodologies, or even the weather? I'm all ears! Reach out to me on , and let's start a conversation.

Fun Fact ⚡

From Midnight Oil to Success: Back in 2002, I was burning the midnight oil, juggling between reading novels or playing Game Boy Advance, and ensuring my FTP transfers went off without a hitch. Some of the websites I worked on at the time are still online, check out