Hi, I’m Fred

I Build 🛠

I’m a Software Engineer. I specialize in crafting website interfaces. I also like to toy with projects related to Design, Cloud Architecture, Linux. Welcome to my personal website



I program Web Apps

The guy you see up there ☝️, that's a self portrait I drew. Everything you see on this website is homemade.

I created this website to share a glimpse of what I do. Click on the Projects link in the top navigation bar to see a selection of projects I enjoyed working on. Click on Articles to see a selection of blog posts.

I have 9 years of professional experience in Software Development. I built products for various usage and sectors like E-Commerce, Business Intelligence, Asset Management, CRM, Insurance, News Content.

I specialize in Frontend Development with NextJS and React. This website is made using the following technologies: NextJS 11 as a server, React 18 and Tailwind 2 as the building blocks, Framer and GSAP for the animations.

I understand development lifecycle and cloud architecture rather well. I've worn several hats in different engineering teams, including Backend Dev, DevOps, Quality Engineer. These days I work in a small kanban team and I am leading the modernization of the frontend apps of the Storyful's Newswire Saas Suite.

Outside of my daily job, when I'm not socializing at the pub, I contribute to open source software I use. I also build IoT projects and got a recent interest in crypto and web3. I also like to draw with vector tools like illustrator and Figma. But you already noticed, right?